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I love this place!! Stopped in just to see if/when I could schedule an appointment, was told the dentist could see me in a matter of minutes!! Was ushered into a seat and given a comprehensive examination, with clear explanations about every aspect of getting my smile back. The office was very clean, professional and up-to-date. The staff, starting with the front office was absolutely great! This was a no nonsense, economical, hassle-free interaction. Dr. Shariff took the time to walk me through every aspect of the treatment and long-term care I would be needing. Her chair-side manners are excellent! Not once did I notice any rookie mistakes, such as those I've experienced at every other dentist's office I have gone to. I will be returning and bringing my family to this establishment in the future. As well as letting my friends and coworkers know that there are dentists who still believe in customer satisfaction.

Ricky L Brown

Google User

A great experience - five stars all the way. Great dentist and a wonderful staff. Dr. Shariff shows concern and cares for her patients. Her assistant Joslyn is a huge asset to her practice. A nice touch is a reminder call a day prior to let you know you have an appointment. It is personalized and not automated as is her entire practice, you feel like a human being and not a number. Would highly recommend.

Stan Snyder

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Dr. Shariff was great she took her time and explained everything. The dental assistant was great at taking x-rays and scheduling appointments! Highly recommend

Ibad Ahmed

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I had sensitivity on one of my molars that I had a crown on and Dr. Shariff replaced my crown which I love and I have no more sensitivity. Dr. Shariff does and excellent job with deep cleaning that she is very caring making sure I am comfortable and not in so much pain. I would highly recommend this dental office. Great costumer care and the receptionist/Dental Assistant is also really nice.

Cynthia Guzman

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My boyfriend recently got his crown and deep cleaning here. He was complaining about his tooth hurting. Dr. Shariff diagnosed a hairline crack and was able to make a crown for him. He’s post-treatment now and isn’t having issues with sensitivity. Would def recommend.

Jillian Charon

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This place was easy and I have no excuses why I wouldn’t come back. The staff is super friendly. I had pain and they took good care of it. I also had a deep cleaning and Dr. Shariff was super gentle. I’m so happy to recommend this office for any dental needs.
Thank you so much.

Miguel Rodriguez

Google User

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